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About Mersana

About Mersana - Overview 

Mersana engineers novel antibody-drug conjugates that maximize the potential of new and established therapeutic classes. Our technology harnesses the power and synergy of nanotechnology, biologics and small molecules.


Mersana is advancing its own pipeline of next-generation drugs with best-in-class potential to address unmet needs and improve patient outcomes in multiple oncology indications. Utilizing our technology, we are developing a portfolio of next-generation antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) with superior properties not found with current ADC technologies.


This versatile conjugation system integrates Fleximer®, a clinically validated biodegradable polymer, with a broad array of customized linker chemistries designed to control conjugation, stability and release of diverse classes of therapeutic payloads. This system provides important benefits required for the development of next-generation drugs across therapeutic modalities, including ADCs, antibody fragments, small molecules and biologics, as well as synergistic drug combinations. Mersana's approach results in completely novel drugs with intellectual property protection and extended patent life, via novel composition-of-matter.


Our technology is being leveraged in multiple therapeutic areas through partnerships. Mersana is interested in pursuing technology-enabling and proprietary drug candidate-based opportunities with partners interested in accessing our cutting-edge, clinically validated drug conjugation system.