Our Responsibility

At Mersana, we all share a singular vision: To create a world where all patients triumph over cancer. We know that the actions of each and every one of us matter and that our team’s success depends on our ability to work together. We are also committed to making a positive impact as it relates to the environment and the communities in which we live and work. We believe that we have a duty to patients and other stakeholders to be good corporate citizens, and we are committed to embracing diversity while operating our business in an environmentally friendly manner, with high integrity and transparency.

In line with this commitment, we have developed an internal ESG team to identify and make recommendations about potential areas in which we can improve, implement new practices and track our execution across initiatives. This team is composed of a cross-functional group of employees that includes members of senior management.

Who We Are

As we advance our pipeline, we are also heavily focused on advancing our people. We believe that people who learn, grow and thrive together are better equipped to elevate our science. Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and sustainability is key to fostering our collaborative work environment in which employees are motivated by the common goal of discovering, developing and delivering potential new therapies for people with cancer.


“Our passion for sustainability led to the grass-roots creation of our Green Team in 2017. Since its inception, the Green Team has helped us reduce office waste, clean local water sources, save energy, and promote environmental awareness and sustainability in the office.”

Casey Coons, Associate Director, Lab Operations and Facilities

Our Organization

Our organization is composed of individuals with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences, providing us with a spectrum of perspectives that we can draw upon as Mersana continues to evolve.


Identify as Female

Belong to at Least One Racially or Ethnically Diverse Group

Of Employees are Required to Complete DEI Training

Based on employees who chose to self-identify

Executive Team

Identify as Female

Belong to at Least One Racially or Ethnically Diverse Group

Have Completed Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Training

Identify as LGBTQ+

Board Members

Identify as Female

Belong to at Least One Racially or Ethnically Diverse Group

More information about our corporate governance can be found here and in our SEC filings.

Employee Development

Employees Were Promoted in 2022

Views on LinkedIn Learning Courses Offered by Mersana

Of Our Employees Hold M.D., PH.D. or other Advanced Degrees

Patient Access and Clinical Trial Practices

At Mersana, we have a passion for advancing therapies to make a significant impact in the lives of people living with cancer. We believe that all patients deserve equal access to new potential therapies, regardless of race, age, socio-economic status or geography. In line with this principle, we have taken a number of steps, such as developing a Race and Ethnicity Diversity Plan and proactively engaging with principal investigators and cooperative groups, to potentially address the underrepresented racial and ethnic populations.

Our Community

We believe it is our responsibility to be good corporate neighbors. We encourage employees to take an active role in caring for the surrounding communities in which we live and work. We regularly sponsor events, lead fundraising drives and promote opportunities to get involved with local and national charitable organizations. As part of our focus on community impact, Mersana has been partnering with Sharebite, an organization dedicated to improving food stability. In 2022 alone, 3,256 meals were donated on behalf of Mersana to people in need.


National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC)

Since 2019, we have been pleased to partner with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC), an organization that honors survivors and celebrates the memories of loved ones lost to ovarian cancer while raising funds to support early awareness, quality of life, research and community outreach.


“One of the things that attracted me most to Mersana was its focus on patients. They are truly at the heart of everything we do. The phrase ‘because patients are waiting’ isn’t just a tagline we use; it’s our motivation to put in the hard work every day.”

Jen Tate, Manager, Executive Administration


In 2022, Mersana supported Adopt-a-Family at the East End House, a program that allows families to submit a wish list of gift items to be fulfilled by groups of adopters and delivered to East End House in time for the holidays.


Our Planet

We are committed to implementing eco-friendly programs to minimize our environmental footprint. Although our current physical footprint is limited to approximately 45,000 square feet of leased office and laboratory space at our Cambridge, MA headquarters, we believe it is our duty to be mindful of the impact we are having on our environment.

Our environmentally-conscious products and programs include:

  • LED lighting
  • Public transportation reimbursement
  • Composting
  • Battery recycling receptacles
  • Dedicated recycling streams for pipette tip boxes
  • Reusable kitchen products
  • Water machines that have helped eliminate the use of >160,000 plastic bottles since installation in 2018

Mersana’s Green Team

In 2017, a group of Mersana employees established the “Green Team,” a cross-functional group of employees dedicated to limiting the impact that our daily office routines have on the planet. Since its inception, the Green Team has spearheaded initiatives to reduce office waste, clean local water sources, save energy, and promote environmental awareness and sustainability in the office.
In an effort to help beautify the outdoor space adjacent to our Cambridge headquarters, Mersana’s Green Team organizes river cleanups to collect debris along the Charles River. Activities such as these embody one of Mersana’s values: We each make an impact and together make a difference.


Note: All metrics above are as of December 31, 2022.